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Recruitment is the first step in providing a quality workforce for our clients and is handled through a variety of resources in order to attract a diverse pool of job candidates. On-line and newspaper advertisements, employee referrals, college campus job fairs and Career Center recruitment in conjunction with the Department of Labor provide the majority of our applicants. Current employees are actively encouraged to refer qualified job candidates. In many cases, a representative from the Human Resource Department will set up appointments and conduct on-site interviews at the facility.

All applicants are initially interviewed by the Human Resource Department and screened for employment history, availability, customer service skills, over-all presentation, criminal history, etc. Previous job experience is discussed in depth and topics specific to security are covered. For instance, does the candidate have any applicable certifications or special skills? At this point, all employment references are checked. Once they have been deemed a good choice for a particular site, the individual will meet with the Account Manager for a second interview.

Selection & Screening

The second interview is an opportunity for both the Account Manager and the applicant to delve more deeply into the requirements of the position. The Account Manager will, with the specific interests of the site in mind, question the applicant regarding his or her customer service and security experience. Is the applicant interested in a career in security? The list of site-specific duties is presented and the candidate is given the opportunity to ask questions. Other topics include uniform policies, rate of pay, log book entry and post orders. Although these issues will be dealt with in much greater depth during training, it is imperative that the applicant has a clear understanding of the facility requirements. The Account Manager also clarifies the flexibility of the candidate in regards to scheduling and transportation. Will they be available to cover other shifts when emergencies occur? Do they have a reliable method of transportation to the site? Of course, both interviews are meant to glean more than simply the answers to these questions. The over-all presentation of the applicant is observed through the entire process. It is at this point that qualified candidates, who represent a miniscule percentage of the original applicant pool, are brought in for pre-employment processing.

Our on-going policy is to screen every applicant for prior criminal or civil records as the first step in their pre-employment processing. Applicants must first provide a valid Driver’s License or government-issued identification card and a Social Security card. Using the applicants’ full name, Social Security Number, and Date of Birth, the Human Resource Department conducts a search of the applicant’s records through two different Internet sources that specialize in criminal record searches. By using all three methods of identification (Social Security Number, name and Date of Birth), we have been able to find even those records under alternate names.

Every potential employee is sent for pre-employment five-panel drug screening. Additionally, randomly selected employees are sent for a five-panel drug screening. The employee is given, with no prior warning, a numbered form and directions to the Drug-Screening Collection Facility that is nearest to their home. They have twenty-four hours from the time they are given the form to report to the facility or their employment is terminated.

Once the applicant has finished with the above steps, the Account Manager will bring them to meet with the Client Representative for final approval. If approved, they will now begin the process of training.

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